Law School Admissions Tracker Notion Template

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Keep track of your progress with ease using the "Law School Admissions Tracker" Notion template! I first made this template for my personal use, and found it so helpful that I made one with love to share with you all.


  • Application Dashboard
    • Application status
    • Scholarships
    • Application date
    • Recommenders
    • Application components
    • Notes
  • Task tracker (with Backlog, To Do, In Progress, and Done categories)
  • Personal Statement & Resume embedded PDFs
    • Sample personal statements
    • Sample resumes

With this template, you can easily manage your law school applications. Take notes, stay on top of your to-do list with the built-in task tracker, and track your application status, application date, and scholarships, as well as your recommenders and components.

The "Law School Admissions Tracker" also includes a section for your personal statement and resume, with embedded PDFs for easy access. It is 100% customizable.

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Application Dashboard
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Law School Admissions Tracker Notion Template

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