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LSAT Study Tracker Notion Template

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Are you looking for an efficient way to track your LSAT study progress? I've got you.

With this template, you'll access a variety of tools that will help you stay organized, focused, and on track with your LSAT prep. Here are just a few of the features you can expect:

  • Practice test review: Keep track of your scores and progress with detailed review sheets for each practice test you take. Track difficulty level, explanations, and more!
    • Spreadsheets for each practice test: Use dedicated spreadsheets for each practice test to track your answers and progress in an organized manner.
  • Quicklinks: Keep all of your important links and resources in one place!
  • Goals tracker: Set and monitor your LSAT goals.
  • To-do list: Keep track of your daily to-do's and stay on top of your study schedule.
  • Built-in unique study tools: Enhance your study sessions with built-in unique study tools.
    • Study calendar: Plan your study sessions and keep track of important deadlines with a customizable study calendar.
    • Pomodoro timer: Boost your productivity with a built-in Pomodoro timer.
    • Lofi Girl: Relax and focus with a built-in Lofi Girl playlist.
    • Ambient sounds: Create a peaceful study environment with various ambient sounds to choose from.

You'll have everything you need to stay focused, motivated, and on track with your LSAT prep. Try it out & see the difference it can make in your study routine!

Wishing you love and luck <3

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LSAT Study Tracker Notion Template

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